About Me

Hi! I’m Myra. I’m in my final year of undergrad at Caltech, where I study computer science and history. I worked at Microsoft Research, where I investigated the limitations of algorithmic fairness techniques, and DeepMind, where I studied biases in large language models. I also started TechReach at Caltech to explore the human and social impacts of technology.


  1. Social Norm Bias: Residual Harms of Fairness-Aware Algorithms. ICML Machine Learning for Data Workshop 2021 (Spotlight Talk). [paper]
  2. Ethical and Social Risks of Harm from Language Models. FAccT 2022. [paper]
  3. Human Preference-Based Learning for High-dimensional Optimization of Exoskeleton Walking Gaits. IROS 2020 and ICML 2020 RealML Workshop. [paper, slides]
  4. A Multi-scale Multiple Sclerosis Lesion Change Detection in a Multi-sequence MRI. LNCS book with MICCAI 2018. [paper]

Other stuff

I enjoy reading books and baking things. This website uses a template from Ankit Sultana.